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Simple ADS Video

There are many methods for providing and effective All Day Stretch mechanism. This video covers one of the cheapest, most efficient, and least likely to cause obvious bulging under the pants.

This video contains only still frames and so the step by step sequence may well provide a suitable substitute. It was originally presented as a shockwave flash movie. The original movie is available here.: Original ADS Movie

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Simple ADS - Step by step

The equipment required is:
  • 20" x 1" Cotton Strip
  • Two 18" x 1.5" Theraband Strips
  • Adhesive Tape
  • A cut down belt
The cotton can be anything that provides a good cushion for the skin, an old T-shirt would suffice.

If no theraband can be found a suitable alternative would be butyl rubber pond liner from a local garden center, which should be very cheap for a 2" x 6' strip but is normally double the thickness of theraband. This is not the cheap plastic pond liner, if it doesn't look like rubber don't buy it.

The belt needs to be cut down to fit above the knee (see last pic). It will also be necessary to create an extra hole or holes in the belt with a leather punch, an awl or the point of a pair of scissors.

In place of a belt a strip of denim could be used, with a velcro fastening. Light weight cloth or inelastic bandage may suffice. The belt provide definite sides to wrap the thera around and alternative may not provide as good a method of keeping the thera in place.
Start by wrapping the cloth, beginning just below the glans and wrapping down the shaft, toward the base. Ensure that at least 2" of the shaft is covered.

A good indication of the tightness required is that if it is too loose it will bunch under the thera and if too tight it will overly reduce the flow of blood to the glans, causing the glans to become cold and maybe blue.

If the glans become cold or blue, take this as an indication to remove the wrap immediately.
Tape the wrap securely or hold it in place until at least one revolution of thera covers the end. Start the thera wrap with a single revolution, then place the second strip of thera underneath the shaft, perpendicular to the first.

Ensure that the second strip covers the underneath of the the first strip, and that the long end is facing out and down. Wrap the first strip around once more, holding the second in place.
Fold the second strip back under the shaft, then add another revolution of the second strip, covering the folded back second strip. Fold the second strip back out again, and continue wrapping the first strip until the wrap is complete.
Tape the thera wrap in place. This tape is important, ensure that it sticks well and stays that way. Wrap the other end of the second thera strip around the belt.
Fasten the belt around the leg above the knee.Ensure that you can walk comfortably with the ADS in place, with optimum tension when standing straight.

Initially work on the basis of only wearing the ADS for 20 minutes at a time, while you become used to the minimum tightness of wrap needed to hold it in place. This ADS will reduce the blood supply to the glans but once it becomes familiar it should be safe to wear for many hours at a time under the pants whilst continuing normal but not strenuous activity.

It should be checked frequently, at least once every half an hour and any feelings of coldness, numbness or a blue coloration to the glans should be taken as indicators to remove immediately, allowing the penis to recover.

Any ADS device, if unmonitored, is capable of inflicting serious damage on the penis simply by overly reducing the blood supply to the glans.

These pictures are part of a video performed by Lil12big1 and voiced by Anna Nimity.

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