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Because this exercise is capable of producing extreme pressures, it is considered to have a high risk factor and should not be attempted by those without both good familiarity with penile anatomy and many months of PE experience, allowing the risk/reward relationship to be properly weighed.

Extreme Uli Video

The Extreme Uli, is a mechanical form of the manual Uli#3 exercise. Instead a hand to gripping, a clamp is used to both provide a greater consistency and a way to extend the exercise without fatigue. It is important to use a keydriver or protected screwdriver on the hose clamp, to prevent injury from slipping. Large pressures are possible with this exercise, so monitoring for injury is extremely important.

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Extreme Uli - Step by step

The equipment required for this exercise is
  • A length of cloth wrap
  • Theraband or leather wrap
  • A hose clamp
  • A key for the hose clamp
To complete the modification of this exercise, you require
  • A second length of cloth wrap
  • A cable clamp
It's important to use a proper key or shielded driver rather than a screwdriver or open spanner, which may slip and cause injury.
Begin with a cloth wrap on an almost erect and warmed penis. Ensure that the wrap is tight enough to avoid skin bunching later on.
Over the cloth, wrap thera or leather or an equivalent. The idea of this is to protect the penis from damage. Place the loose hose clamp over the thera/leather wrap, ensuring that it has no direct contact with the skin.
Tighten the hose clamp until the outflow of blood is slightly restricted. Regain a full erection, then push the hose clamp deeply into the base of the penis.
Tighten the hose clamp more preventing both inflow and outflow of blood. Leave the penis for approximately 10 minutes in this state, and no longer than 15 minutes.
Extreme Uli modification
This modification allows for the high pressures created by the standard Extreme Uli to be heightened. This modification is sometimes known as an Extreme Horse.
With an Extreme Uli in place, wrap near the center of the shaft with a cloth wrap. Wrap firmly to avoid skin bunching. Avoid wrapping over veins which travel across the width of the penis.Place a cable clamp over cloth wrap and click it tight.
Leave the clamp in place for 5 minutesRepeat near the top of the shaft ...
... then again near the base.  

These pictures are part of a video performed by Piet and voiced by Anna Nimity.

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