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Wet Jelq Video
Wet jelqing is the primary PE exercise. Very few rounded PE routines do not contain some element of jelqing...

Dry Jelq Video
Dry Jelqing is a form of jelqing that uses no lubricant. It can result in excessive skin stretch if care is...

Jelq Squeeze Video
This exercise is designed to impact the tunica greatly and will effect girth in particular though length benefits...

Uli #3 Video
The concept of the exercise is to tourniquet the base of a semi erect penis and force the grip forward as far ...

Extreme Uli Video
The Extreme Uli, is a mechanical form of the manual Uli#3 exercise. Instead a hand to gripping, a clamp is used to both ...

Plumped Bend Video
The plumped bend is often referred to as an erect bend, but this is a misnomer, this exercise is never performed erect ...

Sadsak Slinky Video
The Sadsak Slinky is a very effective and very intense girth exercise. In this exercise, the engorged penis is bent ...

Simple Manual Stretches Video
This video details the simplest of PE exercises, how to form a grip and perform basic stretches and how to increase ...

BTC Stretch Video
This stretch is capable of exerting more stress on the ligaments than the arm is capable of on its own and should be approached ...

JAI Stretch Video
The JAI stretch was developed to avoid the kickback reflex of the BC muscle when stressed. Avoiding the reflex should allow tension ...

V-Stretch Video
This is a two handed stretch using the second hand to apply stress to the top of the shaft at various points it should impact ...

Inverted V-Stretch Video
The Inverted V-stretch is the previous exercise with secondary stress added from the bottom of the shaft. As the stretch forces ...

Aided V-Stretch Video
This is a V-stretch using some peice of equipment to provide the secondary stress. Many ideas exist for appropriate equipment ...

Aided Inverted V-Stretch Video
The is the inverted version of the previous video and may well be easier to perform for most people. It will generally effect ...

Inverted V A-Stretch Video
The A-Stretch is an inverted V-stretch using the wrist to create the secondary force. This stretch will effect the tunicae. ...

Hanging Video
This video covers the steps involved in wrapping, attaching a hanger to the penis, and weight to the hanger. It uses a Bib Hanger ...

Wrapping Video
This video covers the steps involved in wrapping in greater detail than the hanging video. It contains mostly still frames ...

Simple ADS Video
There are many methods for providing and effective All Day Stretch mechanism. This video covers one of the cheapest, most ...


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